New Railway to Europe

On the afternoon of June 16th, the first stone train from yinchuan international railway logistics port to chongqing set off from yinchuan freight south station. This special stone train has a total of 60 containers, weighing 1650 tons, and the value is about 6.73 million yuan. The operation of this special stone train will lay a solid foundation for Yinchuan International Railway Logistics Port to promote the construction of the southbound channel. This is the outgoing channel that Ningxia breaks through again. Ningxia normally relies on the port for its goods to go out to sea. Now, the Nantong Road is gradually unblocked and the external market is expanding further. Compared with sea transportation, the stone special train of the new western land and sea passage is the fastest way to transport the goods within 20 days to the destination country. On the transportation, more security, the price is more than 20% preferential limit of sea transportation. At present, the special train has become the western inland provinces “sea” the main channel.
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Post time: Jun-21-2021